"Hayden wrote a wonderful piece about Alice Night for our Wrap the World in Beauty Initiative on www.wraptheworldinbeauty.life. Thank you Hayden for your beautiful contribution to our initiative! I look forward to working with her again soon!" -Toni Childs, musician and artist
"Hayden has always been a timely and efficient partner to work with on writing projects and needs. She's always delivered her work on time and has made my life easier in being able to hand over pieces of projects that take up too much space to someone I know will get the job done well." - Casey Colesworthy, PR consultant
"Hayden is a complete professional and is the perfect combination of quality and speed.  She is smart, creative and knows how to get things done! No matter what project I give her, she does a fantastic job in a very short amount of time. I will definitely be working with Hayden in the future." -Jody MacDonald, National Geographic photographer
"Hayden Seder possesses a particular wordcraft I have found indispensable since our first editorial interaction in 2014. I have benefited in knowing her as an interviewer, journalist, editor, and overall talented wordsmith. Whenever I have had the good sense to look to Hayden for assistance in articulating a topic too close to me to allow a proper vantage, she somehow delivers a fresh and on point message that makes me look smarter than I am." -Suzanne Hazlett, Principal, Hazlett Wealth Management LLC; Founder, Wood River Valley Studio Tour, Inc
"Hayden Seder came highly recommended to me from a colleague. She is punctual, professional, and very accommodating in her work for me writing and posting articles of interest to all of my social media and website platforms.  Hayden’s work has helped boost my media recognition. I highly recommend her." -Corey Graham, Real Estate Agent
"Hayden edited my novel for me and improved my writing, was professional, and diligent." -Jean Pierre Chesnel, artist and author
"I worked with Hayden on several transcription projects and found her to be extremely professional and timely. She always turned in work ahead of schedule and was quick to respond to my communication. I highly recommend her for any and all communications work." -Kristen Cole, Marketing Specialist, P2Binvestor​
"Hayden is fast, smart and easy to work with. We were very happy with her writing and work ethic. We heart her like cheese fries." -Emily Smeraldo and Gabe Cendoma, Free Ice Cream Inc
“Hayden is courteous and very professional.  She helped us edit and complete our Company website, which we have already received positive feedback on.  Thank you for always being available to meet with us and understand our firm’s needs.  We highly recommend her and will be happy to work with her again in the future.” –Lallman, Felton, Peterson & Pierce, P.A. Team
"Hayden was easy to work with and stuck to agreed upon timelines. She was courteous  and professional and was able to get my book edited in a very reasonable amount of time.  I will use her again when my next book is ready." -Aliki Georgakopoulos, author

Hayden has turned in her stories on time, meeting all deadlines. If I have any questions during the editing process, she is quick to respond and happy to do any extra work in order to make the story sing. I wholeheartedly recommend Hayden as a freelance writer. She is creative and can pitch her own ideas and, equally, is happy to take assignments and is nimble with quick turnarounds. -Jeanne Huff, Community Engagement Editor, Idaho Press

As an editor, I can speak to the chief virtues of freelancers: clean copy, thoroughness, insightful and clear writing, and the doggedness to keep pitching stories. They make a writer an invaluable asset to a paper or magazine. Hayden Seder is just such a freelancer. For some time, she has been my paper’s voice from the Wood River Valley—a correspondent whose reporting has appeared in national publications, and whose work I’ve proudly included in my own pages. -Harrison Berry, Managing Editor, Boise Weekly
"Hayden has been a lifesaver for our team. Her quick, thorough copy editing has allowed for us to show up more professionally on all our external and internal communications. It has been a pleasure working with her and we look forward to more projects together in the future." -Colleen Fiaschetti, Program Director, Asteroid Day

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